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What Our Clients are Saying


Mané Rebelo-Plaut



We worked with Mané to design our formal living room. We went from literally zero furniture to a gorgeous, cozy space that we are proud to show off (pre-COVID, anyway!). Mané asked us great questions about our style and preferences and then put together several ideas for us. Each idea was wonderful and it was clear that Mané truly understood what we were looking for. The ideas incorporated different pieces to work within several budgets, and I felt no pressure to choose the most expensive items. Sitting with Mané and going through the ideas was so much fun! Then off we went to Pottery Barn, which was even more fun! Mané is simply a joy to be around, and her excitement and passion for what she does is infectious. I was so excited to order our furniture and decor, and then to see it all come together when it arrived. Mané helped set everything up (including helping me hang a very heavy mirror--sorry that my wall is crooked, Mané!) and ensured that the decor was in the right place and that the space looked perfect. She supported my idea to include a gallery wall of my father's art and helped me figure out how to best showcase it. I am so incredibly happy with how the room turned out, and with the process of working with Mané. I would not hesitate to ask her to help us again! Mané, you are the best, and when COVID calms down, I cannot wait to host you so we can enjoy several cocktails together in our beautiful living room!


I have always hesitated to consult with an interior designer; I want my home to reflect me and my family, I would never feel comfortable living in a space that was someone else’s aesthetic.  In addition, our funds are limited and I did not want to struggle with someone urging me to buy items that were outside of our comfort zone. Mané is so much more than an interior designer. She cares deeply about people and is intuitive about their needs. She is unusually talented with a highly developed eye for space and beauty and movement.  Mané possesses a rare combination of skills: the ability to be deeply attuned to her client and her client’s needs (both in terms of design aesthetics and in terms of what the client needs to live comfortably, happily, and peacefully), along with a brilliantly creative eye and mind. I have never experienced anyone like this. Working with Mané was a joyous experience. Initially, I asked Mane to help me redo my home using just the items I already had.  The result was transformative for me and for my family. She listened carefully to what I wanted, she understood what I needed more clearly even than I did, and went to work rearranging furniture, moving items from one room to another and ultimately creating a living space that changed our lives.  I am not being hyperbolic.  It was calm, organized, and beautiful.  Over the next few years, I prioritized working with Mané and eventually reworked every single room in our house.  Mané would offer creative ideas that were completely attuned to who we are and how we live. When our budget allowed she would go with me to purchase new items.  Our home now reflects who we are, our tastes, and our values and is beautiful in just the way we want it to be. If you have the opportunity to have Mané help create your living space, you should not pass it up.


Design is never just design! It's about the lives we are trying to live! Mané Rebelo-Plaut is a designer who knows this with profound expertise and deploys this wisdom with tenacity and grace. Your values and goals for your home are central to how she begins. And when she sees the challenges you face in getting there, she will not rest until she solves each and every one of them. She is also savvy about the order of decisions to be made, never letting one step distract us from the next step. I so appreciated how she worked with me and my husband to empower us in our home, not simply identify the "correct" solutions. I've never worked with someone so passionately committed to their craft and seeing each idea to completion!


In just two hours, Mané Rebelo-Plaut was able to answer every question I had concerning the interior design of my home. Spatial issues and decorative questions I have agonized over for years were solved so quickly and efficiently that I was absolutely amazed! For example, she rearranged our family room in a way that was much more functional, spacious, and cozy. With this new arrangement, we not only have room for the TV and sofas, but also an office space and a play area. She also came up with creative new ways to display our photographs and artwork, really transforming the space. Not only is she organized and talented, but she is also very nice and incredibly easy to work with. 

Working with Mané turned the task of decorating my home from something I dread to something enjoyable and fun. I recommend her to all my friends, I am so extremely happy with her design suggestions and changes!! 

Elaine Z.

Dear Mané, working with you was magical, because of your fantastic design sense, focus, wisdom and warmth. 


The kids were so happy when they came home yesterday. This morning they woke up and they were just staring at the office, at the wonderful job you have done, and they are just very happy. I needed to thank you, and they say a personal thank you. I needed to tell you how wonderful a job you have done. Thank you Mané! 


Mané Rebelo-Plaut is simply a joy to work with. Her ideas and solutions are creative and beautiful, and she is always willing to listen to client input. I receive numerous compliments on the work she has done in my home, and would recommend her for projects of any size and scope. 


I am elated with the results of the decoration of my new apartment. Mané was wonderful in designing a space that is true to my personality and lifestyle. I enjoyed the creative process and look forward to coming home to my sanctuary every day. Thanks, Mané. 

Elaine M.

Mané exceeded our expectations in terms of quality of work, enthusiasm, price, and dedication. We have used other companies in the past and were less than thrilled with the outcome of our projects until we heard about MRP Design Studio. We highly recommend Mané for any project large or small, and look forward to working with her more in the near future.

Dan and Samantha

Thanks again for all of your amazing help! After you staged our old house, we got a ratified contract within one week of putting it on market above the asking price! We were so impressed with how you opened up the space during the staging, both of us independently came to the conclusion that we had to hire you to help set up our hew house. With your help unpacking, setting up and designing the new house, there is no way we could have made it look so good and in record time. We couldnt have done it without you. We have gotten tons of heartfelt compliments on the house, and we feel great about it especially with the kids excitement when they saw it all unpacked and set up! Thanks again! 


I initially hired Marin and Mané to help me decorate my downtown office which had absolutely nothing that made me want to work there. Marin and Mané did a great job transforming yuck to charm. I love my downtown office and so do my colleagues! They do a great job integrating storage into the design of the rooms. Moreover, they handled the very difficult delivery of my desk. I love my desk, but the delivery truck that the desk company used wanted to deposit the desk curbside. They worked it out and coordinated with the company that was going to put the desk together and I never worried about a thing. I also asked them to help me with my basement. The twister girls came through with their magic and when I got home that night they had totally transformed my basement into a cozy wonderful two room suite that doubles as my TV room and guest room. They did a great job capturing my taste and transforming both my downtown office and basement into spaces that put a smile on my face. 
I intend to use them for other rooms in my house and highly recommend them to anyone that needs help decorating and organizing their living spaces. 

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