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What are you grateful for this week?

As I walk into my kitchen to feed my kitties, early in the morning, I stop in front of the window to watch the sunrise. What a beautiful gift the Earth gives us all every morning...

The reds, pinks, oranges, and yellows brighten the blue sky, which stretches out as if it is embracing us. I take a deep breath. In this moment I am grateful for this beautiful sky, and a sense of hope rushes through my body as if it is letting me know that "it is going to be all right."


I was not always a morning person, but somehow in the middle of this pandemic, I became one. So much has changed... This year has been so difficult for everyone... Yet, it feels like the universe is telling us to slow down and go back to doing what is important in our lives.

Learning to control my stress levels has become a major goal to better my life. So, I have started and ended almost every day with meditation. This is something I never did before, but I always wanted to try. At first, I could not relax enough to allow my breathing to slow down, but as time went on, I got better at it. I can't tell you how much learning to slow my breathing down and calming my mind down has done for me--I am happier, more confident, and have so much more energy!

I have also started taking long walks in the morning with my husband, and that has been one of the best ways to keep my exercise going, and, oh, so very therapeutic.

My office before Roger and the kitties moved in!

I am so grateful for so many things right now... This past week, I am grateful for my little home office, one that I am finally sharing with my husband, Roger, and our cats, Tabitha and Shadow.

How did this happen, you might ask?

In the beginning of the pandemic, almost one year ago, Roger settled in the basement of our house. His work requires some privacy, and he found that the basement was the ideal spot. The kitties loved being next to him and often lay down by a small radiator, under Roger's table/desk.

Kitties ❤️

While Roger and the kitties settled in the basement, I worked in my office upstairs.

My office is cozy and my personality is visible everywhere, from personal photos to many design magazines and books, to memories of my family.

I often have classical music playing in the background and aromatherapy soothing my senses. I truly love being in this room--it makes me happy and stimulates my creative juices while I am designing a client's home--it is definitely my creative place.

About a week ago, Roger walked into my office, took one look around, and said: "This is so nice!" That was my opportunity to try to get him to "move in." I asked him and he said "maybe." Well, that is all I needed to hear! I went to work!

Moving it all around!

It took me one day to turn the office around, so It could accommodate a husband and two cats. I moved some things around and replaced other things. I worked with what I had in the room and what I found around the house. Finally, I was happy with the result! I had created the perfect office space for us!

Our office after!

Roger and the cats moved in the next day. Now the kitties lie down under "our" desk by the small radiator, one on either side, and Roger and I share a desk and a home office.

Once in a while, Tabitha jumps on Roger's lap and purr loudly, while Shadow reaches up to me with a paw while making a cute noise, asking for a rub--it is perfect!

Happy family!

It has been a week now, and we are all happy together! When Roger needs privacy, I leave the room or put on headphones, so we have found a way to make it work. It is interesting how some people would rather have their own work spaces, separate from the rest of the family. I guess it depends on the family and the environment--I am lucky to have the right conditions to be able to make this change.

The pandemic is not over yet and will not be over for a long while. Roger, the kitties, and I will probably be sharing our home office for another year, at least. One day, this will end, and we will go back to different environments, people, and routines, so, at this moment in time, I am grateful, and I will cherish it. ❤️

And here we are!

"Gratitude turns what we have into enough." --author unknown


Happy Valentines Day <3

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