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Hmmm... What Do I Love Today?

Another snowy day in Maryland, and I am so lucky to be indoors, with heat, water, loved ones, and kitties...

Our backyard ♥

I am starting a new weekly thread, called "Hmmm... What Do I Love Today?"

I will be sharing with you posts about objects, topics, people, flowers, pets, etc., anything that tickles my fancy!

So, hmmm... what do I love today?

I have been wanting to purchase new collars for our two kitties, Tabitha and Shadow.

I have been looking for the longest time... I know, even though they are not for me to wear. 😊

I am extremely picky. I wanted a collar made of soft, pretty, and original fabric.

I also wanted the name tag not to hang, but be part of the collar itself. Hanging tags just get in their water and food all the time--I know the kitties don't really care about that, but I do. Also, it had to be a breakaway collar for safety reasons.

After searching for months, I found this sweet Etsy store that had everything I wanted!

The name itself is adorable: "Pinky's Pet Gear!"

Tabitha's and Shadow's collars💗

Everything in the store is handmade to our hearts' desire--everything can be customized for dogs and cats! From engraved buckles or tags, to colors and sizes, and you can pick any fabric in the store, and there are so many beautiful choices!

Here are some of my favorite fabric options!

The prices are excellent, the workmanship is perfection, and the customer service is wonderful! I really love and recommend "Pinky's Pet Gear!"

So many choices for buckles and name tags!

They also have a "Make me a BFF Friendship Bracelet to Match My Cat Collar!" I know, it might be a little too much for some, but it might be cute for others! 😻

BFF Friendship Bracelet 💕

Maybe you would like a bowtie, a pretty leash, a cute poop bag, or a keychain:

More fun stuff!


Take a look at these beauties: Shadow and Tabitha fancying their new couture!

The kitties wearing their new couture!


  • Rifle Paper Co. Breakaway Cat Collar - Herb Garden Mint

  • Buckle Color: Light Blue


  • Rifle Paper Co. Cat Collar with Bell - Garden Party Pink - Breakaway

  • Buckle Color: Muted Pink;

Cute and fun store! I am so glad I found it--hmm... I love it!


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