• Mané Rebelo-Plaut

Designing my client’s first home on a budget

A client of mine just purchased her first home. With a limited budget, and a dream of a comfortable, inviting, and peaceful space, the client wanted a place to come home to…

I went to work, determined to create a home for my client with all that she desired. The end result was just perfect for my client, who was so very pleased!

Here is the space before:

Now take a look at my client’s new home! The accessories are still in storage, and I will have to go back, to style the space and to finish the bedroom, but I could not wait to show you the work in progress 🙂

This is the entryway:

Here are the office area and dining room:

This is the living room. Notice the crown molding added to the bookcases to create a built-in look:

In the entryway:

  1. Half-moon table from Amazon.com

  2. Sun mirror and mask belong to the client

  3. Shoe trays and wall hooks are from World Market–the pebbles are from the aquarium store 🙂

In the office area:

  1. Desk and white chairs are from Ikea

  2. Vase from World Market

  3. Art work and lamp belong to the client

Dining room:

  1. Table, chairs, and china cabinet are from Ikea

  2. Curtain rods and finials are from Ikea

  3. Drapes and chandelier are from Pottery Barn