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A Tiny Home in The Woods!

This past August, Roger and I decided to take a vacation in a completely different atmosphere. We wanted to spend some time alone, away from any distractions, and without having to use any kind of technology.

After some research, I discovered a beautiful place! A peaceful escape to take time just for us and enjoy nature--a true "Getaway."

"Getaway" is such a brilliant idea. It consists of about ten small cabins, built from a few different "kits," which are placed on a private property, surrounded by nature. There are eight locations around the country. We chose the one closest to where we leave, Washington, DC. Our "Getaway" was a short distance from Shenandoah National Park, near the Blue Ridge Mountains in Stanardsville, VA.

After just a few hours of driving, we arrived at a small, isolated dirt road, which led us to an area in the woods, where all these tiny homes were located--it was magical!

Our cabinet was named "Laverne." We parked our car right next to the cabin. There was a small fire pit with two chairs and a picnic table right outside the cabin. We proceeded to open the front door. We were both speechless and excited at the same time. The space was so small and cozy, with all-natural wood, and so charming.

It consisted of a small table with a chair and a bench; and a small kitchen, with two burners, a small fridge, some pots and pans, a few food items, a kettle, and a small radio.