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Mané and Roger
Hello, I am Mané, and I would like to share my life’s journey with you.

I was a professional dancer for over twenty years. It was a magical time in my life… I traveled the world, made great friends, danced in beautiful theaters, and met my husband!

Roger, my husband, is also a former dancer, and he is my soulmate.
We are now retired from the dance world, and we are both on our second careers. My husband has a PhD in Microbiology, and I have an AAS degree in Interior Design.


I guess priorities do change, because now, instead of traveling, we enjoy our home, spending time with our kitties Tabitha and Shadow, gardening, cooking, and all the many things related to being home.


We do still enjoy dancing. We dance, compete, and teach West Coast Swing! We teach ballet at several elite dance schools and universities in the area, and we also teach wedding couples their first dance.

Life is good… some ups and downs, happy moments, and very sad moments, but I continue my journey along the many roads ahead, and it is that journey that I will be sharing with you. So, relax, get comfy, prepare a nice cup of hot chocolate (my favorite), and follow my life’s journey with me!

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